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Welcome to my website.  In the forty years I have been painting and sculpting, I have found that I must paint every subject that interests me.  I could not be artistically satisfied or challenged if I had to paint twenty paintings that all looked alike.   When I do a series of works, I limit the number to about twelve.

Because I have been teaching painting and drawing for thirty years, I have to know how to paint and draw every subject including still life, portraits, seascapes, landscapes, abstract, conceptual, non-objective design.  My rather lengthy educational experience really contributed to my varied interests and abilities.  Having studied art at six colleges, I had a large number of artist/instructors with varied opinions about technique, use of color, materials, composition, selecting subjects and artistic choices.  I will be forever grateful to all the instructors I had over the years for contributing to my appreciation for every fresh, new idea I have for a painting or sculpture.

If you are an artist, I hope you find inspiration in my work and encouragement to try something new.

Jean Pratt Beuoy